At Legacy Building Group, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through financial literacy and opportunity. Led by Lisa Mulrain, our visionary founder, we offer a suite of companies committed to fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Legacy Building Group

Led by Lisa Mulrain, Legacy Building Group is dedicated to empowering small business owners, young professionals, and minority communities through financial literacy.

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Legacy Building 2:

Luxury meets financial literacy at Legacy Building 2, our premier e-commerce platform. Discover slightly used luxury items curated to cater to discerning tastes. Our inventory includes everything from precious metals jewelry to designer Gucci slides, all with a commitment to quality and authenticity.

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Legacy Building Digital Products

Coming soon! Legacy Building Digital Products will offer accessible resources and tools to enhance financial literacy, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for updates on our launch!

Join us on the journey to financial empowerment with Legacy Building Group and its suite of companies.